The Grampian Hillwalking Club

Grampian Hillwalking Club

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Club Information

Club History

The club had its early beginnings in the 1960's, with members being recruited from the old Aberdeen County Council. Employees from the re-organised local authority, Grampian Regional Council, officially founded the 'Grampian Hillwalking Club' in 1969. The early leaders were Ian Pyper, Bob Innes and Jean Duff who recruited members throughout the various council departments - from teaching, police, fire, roads to name a few - all with one thing in common a love of wandering around the hills.

General Information

Club members meet monthly throughout the year (see calendar). A bus is organised for Sunday walks and shared cars are used for weekends.

Sunday walks start at approximately 8am and finish around 5pm (depending on the time of year and daylight hours).

Each year the club organises:

Every two years the club organises a one to two week overseas trip. Our latest trip was to Iceland in 2016. In 2014 seven club members went to the Sierra Nevada in Spain. The 2012 overseas trip was two weeks in Slovenia where seven club members had a brilliant time and were able to climb its highest mountain Triglav. In 2010, we went to Nepal. To find out more follow the link Trip to the Annapurna Base Camp

The club has also done trips to the French Alps, the French Pyrenees, Italy, The Faroes and a coast to coast walk across Scotland.


The club has no membership fee. Anyone interested in joining should make initial contact with the Club Secretary. At present there are approximately 30 active members.

Equipment and Fitness

Equipment: (see Full List of Equipment )

A list of important items to take on all walks will be sent to members on the scheduled monthly information sheet a week prior to the walk commencing Essential for all walks:


Anyone thinking of doing any serious hillwalking should think about their general level of fitness before attempting this strenuous sport. Saying that, most adults who walk/exercise regularly and are health-conscious would enjoy our Sunday walks (between 5-6 hours).

Climbing Munros (mountains over 3,000ft) can be a little more strenuous and careful thought and planning are essential before setting off. Present club members have many years experience of hillwalking and will encourage new members to ‘get bagging’.

GHC Munroists

Name Year Completed
Margaret Wells* 2016
Steve Wells* 2016
Mark Wade* 2016
Maureen Higgs*
Alison Paterson * 2009
Alan Sharp * 2009
Philip Haylett * 2008
Stephen Higgs* 2007
Stuart Smith* 2001
Chris Howard 1997
Brian Barron 1995
George Middleton 1994
Ian Pyper 1992

* Current Club Member

GHC Corbett Catchers

Name Year Completed
Stephen Higgs* 2013
Stuart Smith* 2009

* Current Club Member